Kya Chadhau

Dominion Life Ministries

“All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28.“

Kya Chadhau” A part of my life is connected with this word phrase which invigorated a newlife in me; it mightbe two-word phrase but has a real meaning.I wrote this song 10 years ago. The reason I wrote this song is because I always wanted to give my inner gift as an offering to the most high. I welcomed God’s will to work in my life, whenever I use to sing this song, I personally relate my life to this.

This song is just not casual but words curated carefully & the motive behind this song is to touch many lives& to save souls for the kingdom of the lord. Only through teaser, many lives are inspired; Many people are far from God, they are backsliding, lost & have no hopes but this song promotes everyone to look back in their life where they could analyze& be gratefulin their lives that how great God was to them, isn’t it?

I will never leave you nor forsake you”, my own life is a testimony because when I look back, I see how wonderfully God worked in me &through my life. Besides, this is the one and only message I want to convey to everyone through this song, that what can we offer to the lord? As we cannot but we all are having a special gift in each one us, my special gift was to sing so I dedicated my gift to Christ, know yours too! and ask “Kya Chadhau” &proffer that beautifully to the one who sits on the highest place.

The combination of songs and superb production makes for a very strong album. Special thanks to Rev. Pastor Ricky Thapa & Pastor Lisa Thapa, grateful for all their support they have contributed in. Another grateful feeling for the producing team, designing team & all the members who played a very important role to make this album successful.

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